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Technical Specifications

Class: ISF 5000, Stock
Format: Three wheel, two front steering, one rear drive.
Length: 4990mm
Width: 1790mm
Height: 1200mm
Wheelbase: 2000mm
Track: 1400mm
Weight: 200kg net, 320kg with batteries, 400kg with driver.
Frame: Pseudo-space frame (Mild steel 15-25mm RHS tube 1.6-3.0mm)
Shell: Fibreglass (185gsm)/Divinycell (12mm) laminate
Suspension: Front Double wishbone, Rear Trailing Arm
Steering: Teleflex boat steering linked to two front wheels
Wheels: Front: Suzuki RG250 front wheel with disc brake
Rear: Yamaha XS250 rear wheel with drum brake
Tires: Motorcycle slicks
Brakes: Front: Hydraulic disc brake operated by foot pedal
Rear: Cable operated drum brake operated by left hand
Motor: Lillington T-Flux DC brushless motor (3kW, 9kg)
Batteries: 10 x Hawker Odyssey 26Ah 12V batteries (120V, 3.1kWh, 108kg)
Solar Cells Tessag ASE 16% efficient, 100mm square, 1.55W cells
Solar Panels: 20 Fibreglass/Divinycell panels containing 30 cells (5 x 6).
Solar Array: 960 watts
Power Trackers: 5 x Brusa MPT-6 (99% efficient)

Specifications are provisional since not all parts of the car are completed.