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The Paradise team from Puerto Rico preparing to depart from Victoria Square.
It was good to see Helios from France after their steering failures. Ongoing woes with their front suspension used up their entire complement of Michelin solar tyres by the time they had reached Alice Springs.
Another team suffering steering and suspension failure, Southern Cross College (Queensland), cross the finish line. Southern Cross were stranded at Port Augusta awaiting spares when we made our stop on Monday.
Sungroper navigates past the Queen Victoria fountain.
Safely ensconced in the trailer prior to removal to secure storage at ETSA Park
Queens University preparing Gemini for shipment back to Canada.
The TARDIS Mk II - Adelaide's uber-cool public conveniences. Sadly they lack an internet connection.
The super-sleek Gemini - this two seater weighs in at ~430kg including crew.
Gemini employs a sophisticated jacking system that enables the vehicle to be easily raised at either end.
Two fully autonomous organic vehicle levitation devices insert themselves under the vehicle. They employ revolutionary technology to enable them to be extended asynchronously or can operate synchronously via simple verbal command.
Further development is likely to be required to enable sustained use of the technology.
Kirenjaku are also using Victoria Square to prepare their solar car for return home.
A crowd begins to gather for the expected arrival of Detlef and his car Heliodet 6. Team Heliodet is one of only two teams (the other is Aurora) that has contested every World Solar Challenge. Whilst Aurora has enjoyed significant success, this is the first time that Detlef has completed the full course.
How did HE get the mike? Onno spruiks to gain additional support for Detlef from passersby. The master of ceremonies was found alive and unharmed.
The crowd begins to swell as Detlef is now just minutes away.
The headlights of Detlef's lead support vehicle at the next intersection heralds his imminent arrival.
The excitement builds as Heliodet 6 enters the square.
A carnival atmosphere erupts as Detlef crosses the finish line for the first time.
Detlef is mobbed immediately he leaves his solar car.
Dubbed "the suitcase man", Detlef is renowned for his spartan approach to solar car design.
An emotional Detlef receives a hug from one of his supporters.
Let the champagne flow.
The t-shirt says it all.
It seems that Detlef, who came in dead last, has attracted a bigger welcome than first placed Nuna II.
Nuon's Dr Wubbo Ockels, the famous Dutch astronaut, congratulates Detlef on his achievement.
Detlef phones home with news of his success.
The media are eager to talk to Detlef. Onno does a fair job of getting his face in the frame too.
The WSC reception was held in the Adelaide Town Hall, a grand building less than a block from the finish line.
An Aboriginal dance troupe provided an intriguing opening performance.
Event Director Chris Selwood addresses a packed auditorium.
Did we really do that that?
The Hon. Jane Lomax-Smith MLA congratulates the World Solar Challengers.
This year's World Solar Challenge included a demonstration GreenFleet class.
Detlef received a standing ovation from the entire audience during the participation awards to all team managers.
Chris Selwood explains the play on words used for our team name "Sungroper". Many people simply called us the Sandgroper team.
Sungroper, along with all other teams, received a handsome participation award. It doesn't look quite so out of focus in real life (I think).
A number of minor awards were presented, including "Spirit of the Event" which was awarded to Heliodet.
MIT receives their Third Place award from the Hon. Jane Lomax-Smith MLA.
Aurora came in second place. Much of their team had already left Adelaide due to sponsorship commitments.
The first placed Nuon team hold the World Solar Challenge tropy aloft.
Nuon's team manager, Diederik Kinds, thanks his team for their efforts in achieving World Solar Challenge success.
Dr Wubbo Ockels gave an acceptance speech and acknowledged the team's sponsors.
The World Solar Challenge trophy is finally in the hands of its rightful owners.
A crazed Dutch bishop tries in vain to wrench the trophy from Sungroper's grasp.
After the awards ceremony the show adjourned around the corner to the Planet Nightclub, however the customary swapping of team shirts had already been in swing for many hours with Sungroper shirts the most eagerly sought after.