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Tuesday, October 21 - Day 3

Overnight eight solar teams had stayed at Dunmarra so the morning charge time was busy. The Sungoper team brought the array out early to bag a prime spot across the road from our campsite while the other teams were still chasing the sleep from their eyes.

Almost clear skies brought us a good morning charge with about 6Ah going into the batteries, giving us a total of about 16Ah to begin the days run.

First out of the control point were Houston and Heliodet, the last of the teams who hadn't trailered. Heliodet, a veteran of every World Solar Challenge was pleased to have reached Dunmarra on the second day for the first time.

Sungroper was able to leave at 8:25am as the first of the trailered teams out of the control point and soon overtook Southern Cross who had left a few minutes before us, a task that Lannie took with relish.

Colin, now fully recovered from his bout of heat stroke on Sunday, took over as the second driver. We temporarily lost communications with the driver during Karen's stint when the headset we were using failed.

We trailered into Tennant Creek from the 798km mark. Along the way we passed Helios who were trailering there vehicle after suffering a steering failure.

In the evening at the Outback Caravan Park, the Sungroper Internet Cafe played host to five teams including Annesley, Mannum, Winston, Helios and Heliodet.

Dawn breaks at the Dunmarra control point
Breakfast session at the Sungroper Internet Cafe - Dunmarra
The morning charge gets underway.
Doug monitors the progress of the morning charge.
Just a moody shot of Winston getting the first rays of dawn light.
We hit the road for the day
On approach to Tennant Creek
A trailered arrival at the Tennant Creek control point.
Peering from under the array
Glen Abbott was our observer for the day. He wishes he had a beer instead.
Setting up the evening charge.
The team manager ensures everything is in order
Andrew keeping the array cool.
Soaking up that sun
The Sungroper Internet Cafe - Tennant Creek is now open
Internet helpdesk at the Sungroper Internet Cafe