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Onno ITmazes Trevor Scott of TOP-FM with his stories of Sungroper Internet Cafe.
It's official! We're off to the 7th World Solar Challenge 2003.
Even the mighty Nuon team from The Netherlands must face the scrutineers.
We've forgotten to bring half of the car.
Doug finds the procedure all a bit too tiring.
Don't pull the red tape!
Maybe if I keep quiet they won't notice I've got it hidden up my sleeve.
Sungroper stickers were popular - even Chris Selwood had one on his vehicle.
Lannie prepares for his first drive around the Hidden Valley circuit...
And now he's ready to go!
A quick gear change and we'll be ready for another run...
Well maybe not that quick, but we'll be faster on the race.
Start your run at 25 indicated Lannie!
I think I can see the chequered flag up ahead!
Has anyone seen where Sungroper has gone?
It's alright - here she comes now.
Topping up the array for the speed trials on Saturday.
We all know that the real solar car driver sits in here.
All is quiet after a busy day in the pits.