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Colin is getting hot and bothered, waiting to get onto the road...
The track is fast and furious here in Darwin, next we'll see how the teams hold on across the Stuart...
Sun is plentiful
More strategy is needed
The grin says it all...
All hands on deck whilst we align the steering
Putting on the lid
Nearly done
Heading out for another test run
Some teams leave little space for their drivers
Some cars are quite small
From the top they all look alike
Filling up your garage
Colin has lost weight
Hands on hips really helps
Setting up the dish for the Internet Cafe
Testing the radio
From the starting tower
Close to the ground it looks really fast
When you're getting ready to chase...
Doing telemetry tests on the straight
The car is heading towards the bend, accellerating to 50 km/h
Coming to the end of the day