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Progress Summary 2001

100% completed!

Confidence is good that the project is currently on schedule. We have completed the car and confirmed that the car can travel at 55km/h, now our focus is to get some experience in the car and see if we can optimize its performance. Current estimates put us at about 2200km during the nine days of WSC, altough many factors could affect that, particularly the long flat "country" driving, as well as the potentially better sunlight.

Major milestones on the horizon are:

  • Solar array completed (estimate August) - COMPLETED 20 July!
  • Fibreglass body fitted (estimate early September) - COMPLETED 4 September!
  • Licensed for road testing (estimate shortly after) - COMPLETED 27 September!
  • Solar array charging (estimate shortly after) - COMPLETED 13 October!

The following graph shows each task required to build the car from scratch, how many hours have been done and how many are still required, as well as the percentage completed. The percentage is then shown graphically, together with the hours done and required. When all the bars are filled, the car will be complete. The hours are a gross unerestimatin since they do not include any "thinking" or "designing" time.

Progress graph