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In order for Sungroper to compete in the World Solar Challenge, the car and crew must make their way from Perth, Western Australia to Darwin, in Australia's Northern Territory. Whilst most of the crew will fly directly to Darwin and return from Adelaide after the race, the car and all necessary support equipment (tools, power generators, lighting etc) need to be transported to Darwin, accompany the car for the length of the race, and then return to Perth from Adelaide after the race.

Our support crew will require a minimum of 3-4 vehicles to be able to compete in the race.

There are 2 escort vehicles required whenever the Solar Car is on the road. There are also vehicles required for towing the trailer and transporting team members not in the race convoy. These vehicles must remain at least 500m away from the race convoy during the day.

For camping on the side of the road a generator and camping/catering equipment will be required. Anyone wishing to sponsor us by providing this information should look for the contact details in the Sponsors page.

There is a minimum of ten personnel required for the race - 6 drivers, 2 for transport and 2 for logistics, planning and coordination. Accommodation and living expenses will then be of the order 10 x 14 days x $100 per day. On this basis, the estimates are

Accommodation & expenses $14,000
Fares and vehicle transport $6,000
Fees $5,000
Total $26,000