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Current budget estimates are given in the table below. It is difficult to be exact in the costing of some items, and the cost of solar cells can be anticipated to skyrocket because of the plummeting Australian dollar. With these provisos, the best estimate at the moment is as follows:

(This budget was revised as of 20010425, original figures are as indicated)

Motor $3,200
Solar cells $15,000 (was $10,000)
Chassis $500 (was $1000)
Suspension $1,000
Wheels $500 (was $1000)
Brakes $500 (was $1000)
Batteries $2,000
Electronics $7,500 (was $2500)
Panelling and fairing $3,000
The rest/contingency $5,000
Total $38,200 (was $29,700)

(All prices quoted in Australian dollars)

Significant improvement in the placings would be expected if additional funds were available to purchase better (more efficient) solar cells or better (lighter) batteries.

In addition to the costs of the car itself, there is a minimum of ten personnel required for the race - 6 drivers, 2 for transport and 2 for logistics, planning and coordination. Accommodation and living expenses will then be of the order 10 x 14 days x $100 per day. On this basis, the estimates are

Accommodation & expenses $14,000
Fares and vehicle transport $6,000
Fees $5,000
Total $26,000