Perth, Western Australia - 12 April 2002 - Sungroper Solar Car Association announces its intent to enter the 2003 Darwin-Adelaide World Solar Challenge.

The Sungroper Solar Car Association was formed in 2000, to build a solar-powered vehicle. Its entrant, 'Sungroper', was the first car from Western Australia in the history of the World Solar Challenge. The car was designed and built by a handful of volunteers on a shoestring budget, and entered in the Darwin-Adelaide World Solar Challenge in November, 2001. Sungroper competed with multi-million dollar entries from around the world, and completed a grueling 2300 kilometers, finishing 25th out of 33 entrants.

The World Solar Challenge will next take place in October 2003, and Sungroper Solar Car Association is putting together a team to build a new, faster vehicle. The initial planning meeting is being held at Piney Lakes Environmental Center, at 7:30pm on May 15th. Anyone interested in taking part is invited to come along. The main requirement is enthusiasm and spare time, but people with engineering, project management, fund raising, or fabrication skills would be particularly useful.

Our remote areas and clear skies make solar power arguably more important in this state than anywhere else in Australia. Sungroper founder, Craig Richmond, says "It is time for Western Australians to catch up, and field a truly competitive entrant in the World Solar Challenge".

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