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Curtin University Presentation, 29 Aug 2001

01 Ian Bailey 02 Craig Richmond 03 Crowd

Craig Richmond gave a presentation to the Department of Applied Physics students at Curtin University. Around 25 staff and students attended and seemed to enjoy the presentation which was videoed and is available from here. Sadly, the video starts a bit in to the presentation, so the first few minutes are lost, and as the camera was set up in the next couple minutes, the video is blacked out for that time (to avoid sea-sickness!).

The video is not very exciting, mostly showing Craig standing at the front of the room, so probably the best thing to do is listen to the audio while viewing the slides. Ideally, we'd have the transcript of the talk, but we don't. If anyone would like to transcribe it from the audio, please let us know.

Presentation: Video (44 Meg), Video (21 Meg), Audio (12 Meg).

Questions & Answers: Video (10 Meg), Video (5 Meg), Audio (2 Meg),