Sungroper crossing the NT/SA border, 2003


Hammerhead Launch, Sept 2007 (Video)


Sungroper is a project to construct, test and race solar cars. Originally conceived by Craig Richmond and Peter Lewis, Sungroper became the first ever Western Australian entrant in the World Solar Challenge.

Sungroper’s inaugural entry in the World Solar Challenge occurred in November 2001, when we placed 25th out of an international field of 33 teams.

An almost totally new team participated in the 2003 World Solar Challenge, where under modified rules we placed 18th in a field of 22 cars.

In 2005, the Sungroper project teamed up with Leeming Senior High School. Leeming’s Design and Technology department constructed a new car, Sungroper 2, while the Sungroper project provided expertise and electronics. 17 students and 4 teachers went on the challenge and achieving the goals of reaching the starting line with a new car, and giving a group of students an unforgettable experience.

In 2007, Leeming will enter an entirely new two-seater car, Hammerhead, and Willetton Senior High School will enter with our original car, Sungroper 1. See some recent photos and a video of Hammerhead’s first drive.

The World Solar Challenge takes place over approximately 8 days, starting from Darwin (in Australia’s Northern Territory) and finishing in Adelaide (South Australia), a distance of approximately 3025km.

Sungroper is now an ongoing project of the Sungroper Solar Car Association, which aims to promote solar car racing in Western Australia. We further aim to participate in the development of sustainable energy solutions for the future of transportation and to demonstrate that there are viable alternatives to fossil fuels.

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Testing at Hidden Valley Raceway Entering pit lane at hidden Valley License Plate Charging the array at Stuarts Well NT The Sungroper camp in outback SA Crossing the finish in Adelaide 2003